Podcast ads

Here is an example of a podcast ad:

  • only starts to play if the user initiates and then continues to play whether in or out of view so the user can listen to the entire podcast
  • user can also click through to the client site
  • charged on a Cost Per Mille (CPM) basis – cost per 1000 page impressions
  • launch a campaign through our self-serve platform, MyDianomi, or your Account Manager



Useful information about podcast ads

Recommended CPM

Setting up a successful first campaign

Using macros to pass information about each user (for example the publisher name)

Using publisher bidding to up or down-weight your CPM by publisher

Using device bidding to up or down-weight your CPM by device

Regular podcasts can be converted to ads using an RSS feed – ask your Account Manager


Creative spec for a podcast ad

Company / brand name

This is usually fixed for each account and can be changed through your Account Manager

30 characters including spaces

Podcast (MP3) file

No limit on length

Either upload a podcast (MP3 file) or enter a hosted podcast URL

Podcast Title / Description

70 characters including spaces

No exclamation marks! No words IN ALL CAPS (besides acronyms)

Example: Markets Outlook: how will government stimulus impact the markets?

Artwork / image

1:1 ratio (300 x 300 px minimum)

Company logo

JPG or PNG in size 500 x 100 px

Call to action

20 characters including spaces

Example: Subscribe to Podcast

Secure destination URL with optional 3rd party tracking



The parameters in blue above are from our click macros and will be converted to publisher name, ad variant id number and device type for each click/user.

Impression tracker

This is for advanced users only using platforms such as Google Campaign Manager, Integral Ad Science or DoubleVerify

Example: https://ad.doubleclick.net/ddm/trackimp/…=?


Downloadable creative spec

A downloadable creative spec document is available


Other ad types

NativeNative VerifiedVideoApple News Video – CanvasContent HubDisplay


Approval of all campaigns and types of ads that Dianomi will not approve