Device bidding

Device bidding is not enabled by default, it can be requested from your account manager and enabled at an account level, campaign level or both:

Account level

When enabled at account level, adjustments will affect all of your campaigns and device bidding appears in MyDianomi.

Campaign level

When enabled at campaign level, individual adjustments can be made to each campaign and device bidding appears in MyDianomi > Ad Manager > Campaign Options > Device Bidding Manager.


When enabled for both Account and Campaign level, adjustments can be made to all Campaigns or specific Campaigns.

Campaign level adjustments will override adjustments made at Account level.


Device Bidding


Timeframe and Minimum Clicks

Show impressions, clicks, CTR and Actions by device in the chosen time frame. For example, choose clicks by device in the last 7 days.

Price Adjustment

Increase or decrease the CPC bid by device – in the example above desktop CPCs have been increased by 5% and mobile decreased by 5%.

Delete a price adjustment

An adjustment can be Deleted again: edit the Price Adjustment, check the box for “Delete Adjustment” and “Save Changes”


Delete device bidding


Why would you use Device Bidding?

Previously two duplicate campaigns may have been run – one for mobile and one for desktop, now it is possible to run a single campaign and weight CPCs accordingly.
If a particular campaign is converting better on mobile or desktop then CPCs can be weighted up or down.


Combined publisher bidding and device bidding adjustments are multiplicative. For example, if you have a base price of 1 that you adjust the percentage for desktop campaigns to 100%, and then do so for Publisher A set at 100%, the overall base price for Publisher A on Desktop will be 4.


Publisher Bidding

Optimising for Conversions