Here are examples of a Canvas ad:

  • similar to a native ad but with longer ad text and a further line of text for risk warnings or other text
  • charged on a Cost Per Mille (CPM) basis – cost per 1000 page impressions
  • launch a campaign through your account manager


300×250 (MPU or MREC)




970×250 (Billboard)



Useful information about Canvas ads

Recommended CPM

Setting up a successful first campaign

Using macros to pass information about each user (for example the publisher name)

Using publisher bidding to up or down-weight your CPM by publisher

Using device bidding to up or down-weight your CPM by device


Creative spec for a Canvas ad

Company / brand name

This is usually fixed for each account but can be changed through your account manager.

Ad text

200 characters including spaces

Product disclaimer / risk warning / description

200 characters including spaces

Call to action

20 characters including spaces

Company logo

JPG or PNG with a max width of 500px


JPG or PNG in the following size: 970x250px landscape. No text/logo on image.

Secure destination URL with optional 3rd party tracking



Impression tracker

This is for advanced users only using platforms such as DCM



A downloadable creative spec document is available

Other ad types

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