The following macros can be used in your click URLs to pass data into your analytics. When using for the first time, please check with your account manager that you have set them up correctly.


Data Code
Campaign Code :campaign_code
Campaign ID :campaign_id
Campaign Name :campaign_name
Click id (a string) :click_id
Current time (in the form of a timestamp) [CACHEBUSTER] or [timestamp]
Device Type (computer / mobile / tablet) :device_type
Email UUID :email_uuid
Publisher Id (eg 54, 124) :pub_id
Publisher Name (eg reuters, msn) :pub_name
Publisher domain :pub_domain
Service Adgroup Variant id :ad_variant_id



Google Analytics




source = dianomi

medium = cpc

campaign = acquisition

content = publisher name (where the click originated – eg Nasdaq, ASX, SGX, Reuters)

The macro must be exactly as shown above (so take care if using the Google Analytics URL builder) and can be used as well as our conversion pixel.


Adobe Analytics


Google Campaign Manager 360 (previously Doubleclick Campaign Manager (DCM)) users

If you are using DCM tags then it is possible to append the destination URL (in bold below) but you must check your account to ensure that the user will be re-directed to the appended URL. (Xs have been used to anonymise this example):;dc_trk_aid=xxxxxx;dc_trk_cid=xxxxxx;dc_lat=;dc_rdid=;tag_for_child_directed_treatment=;tfua=?


Hosted HTML from Google Campaign Manager 360 in Display ads

Dianomi Click URL Macros will not work if you are using HTML tags from Google Campaign Manager 360 (formerly DCM) for our Display ads.



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