Native Verified ads

Here is an example of a Native Verified ad:

  • styled to fit the host website
  • consists of an image, ad text and brand name
  • does not have a fixed size – ad format can vary by device, publisher and placement
  • includes an interstitial challenge to users to confirm that they are within the target audience
  • charged on a Verified Cost Per Click (VCPC) basis – charged only for users who confirm that they are part of the target audience – typically we expect an 80-90% drop off for professional/sophisticated/accredited investors and about 90% drop off for institutional investors.
  • launch a campaign through your Account Manager


Useful information about native ads

Recommended CPC

Setting up a successful first campaign

Using macros to pass information about each user (for example the publisher name)

Using publisher bidding to up or down-weight your CPC by publisher

Using device bidding to up or down-weight your CPC by device


Creative spec for a native ad

Company / brand name

This is usually fixed for each account and can be changed through your account manager.

30 characters including spaces.

Ad text

70 characters including spaces

No exclamation marks! No words IN ALL CAPS (besides acronyms)

Example: Markets Outlook: how will government stimulus impact the markets?


JPG or PNG in the following size:

400w x 320h px, landscape. Larger images can be uploaded through MyDianomi, resized automatically or cropped by you

No text/logo on image – there is no “safe area” as images may be scaled to different sizes or cropped in various shapes

Secure destination URL with optional 3rd party tracking



Impression tracker

This is for advanced users only using platforms such as Google Campaign Manager, Integral Ad Science or DoubleVerify.



Downloadable creative spec

A downloadable creative spec document is available


Other ad types

NativeVideoApple News Video – PodcastCanvasContent HubDisplay


Approval of all campaigns and types of ads that Dianomi will not approve