Display ads

Here are examples of display ads:

  • display ads in popular IAB sizes can be shown across our premium publishers
  • ads will only display on our publisher sites or the sites that you have chosen
  • retargeting can be implemented
  • charged on a Cost Per Mille (CPM) basis – cost per 1000 page impressions
  • launch a campaign through our self-serve platform, MyDianomi, or your account manager


728×90 (Leaderboard)


300×250 (MPU or MREC)


Useful information about Display ads

Recommended CPM

Setting up a successful first campaign

Using macros to pass information about each user (for example the publisher name)

Using publisher bidding to up or down-weight your CPM by publisher

Using device bidding to up or down-weight your CPM by device


Creative spec for display ads

Image or third party code

Upload a JPG, PNG or hosted third party code to show rich media ads

Secure destination URL with optional 3rd party tracking



Full list of display ad sizes

Here is a full list of display ad sizes with the most popular units in red

728×90 – Leaderboard

336×280 – Larger rectangle

300×250 – Medium rectangle

120×600 – Skyscraper

160×600 – Wide skyscraper

300×600 – Half Page

320×50 – Mobile leaderboard

970×250 – Billboard

720×300 – Large leaderboard

970×90 – Super leaderboard

320×100 – Large mobile banner

Other ad types

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