Content Hub

Here are examples of a Content Hub:

  • combines a video ad with native ads for maximum engagement
  • charged on a Cost Per Mille (CPM) basis – cost per 1000 page impressions
  • pay only the CPM rate, all clicks from accompanying native units are free
  • launch a campaign through your account manager


970×250 (Billboard)



300×600 (Half Page)



Native (no fixed size)


Useful information about Content Hubs

Recommended CPM

Setting up a successful first campaign

Using macros to pass information about each user (for example the publisher name)

Using publisher bidding to up or down-weight your CPM by publisher

Using device bidding to up or down-weight your CPM by device


Creative spec for a Content Hubs

Content Hubs contain video and native ads

See the creative spec for native or video.

Other ad types

NativeNative VerifiedVideoPodcastCanvasDisplay