Video and podcast ads are charged on a Cost Per Mille (CPM) basis – cost per 1000 page impressions

Below are some recommended and minimum vCPMs in major markets. Start your campaign at the recommended figure and then reduce the vCPM if the campaign is on course rather than starting at the minimum vCPM and finding you receive too few impressions.

Agencies please note

Our platform only accepts the net (not gross) vCPM.


Recommended & minimum vCPMs by market

Country Currency Minimum Recommended net vCPM Need volume quickly?
US & Canada USD 5 20 30
UK GBP 5 20 30
France / Germany EUR 5 20 30
Singapore SGD 5 12 15
Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand & SE Asia SGD 1 2  5
Hong Kong EN HKD 29 69 86
Hong Kong CN HKD 29 69 86
Australia AUD 5 12 15
New Zealand AUD 1 2 5


CPMs can be adjusted by publisher or by device using publisher bidding or device bidding.



Recommended & minimum CPC for native ads