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Day Planner allows Campaigns to be limited to specific days and times. For example, a Campaign might show during office hours only, weekdays only or weekends only. If enabled, it is applied on a Campaign level – different days and hours can be specified for each Campaign. The Day Planner  is found in MyDianomi > […]

Keywords can be blocked at an account level, the block will apply to all campaigns in the account. Your account manager can upload the keywords for you. Please note: Keywords must appear in the URL, title or article We block your ad if we see the specified keyword in the URL, title or body text […]

Video and podcast ads are charged on a Cost Per Mille (CPM) basis – cost per 1000 page impressions Below are some recommended and minimum vCPMs in major markets. Start your campaign at the recommended figure and then reduce the vCPM if the campaign is on course rather than starting at the minimum vCPM and […]

Publisher bidding allows you to increase / decrease the bid for specific publishers and/or to block publishers from your campaigns. applies to Native, Video and Podcast ads ONLY. It does not apply to Display, Canvas, Content Hub or Native Verified. Publisher bidding is not enabled by default, it can be requested from your Account Manager […]

Introduction The Dianomi server to server (s2s) integration is an alternative to normal cookie based conversion tracking integration that avoids the use of third-party cookies. This significantly increases the accuracy of conversion tracking in these days of 3rd party cookie blocking, in some instances this can improve tracking accuracy by up to 80%.   Privacy […]

Dianomi campaigns can be integrated with DoubleVerify in certain environments Native, Video and Podcast campaigns can integrate blocking and/or monitoring from DoubleVerify. To use DoubleVerify on your campaign please speak to your Account Manager. More Integral Ad Science (IAS) – use Integral Ad Science (IAS) with Dianomi campaigns Keywords – blocking campaigns from appearing next […]

Dianomi have Outstream Video units across a rapidly increasing list of publishers including Bloomberg, Reuters, Markets Insider, Forbes, Fortune, WSJ, The Washington Post, Stockhead, FNArena, Dollars & Sense and ZeroHedge. In-viewOur units only play when they are 50% in view vCPMThe video only counts as having started after playing for two seconds, an industry standard […]

Campaign Duration The minimum recommended campaign duration is 2 weeks. Budget Setup Set a total or monthly budget (better than daily budgets) with an end date and pace the campaign so it delivers evenly over the campaign dates or monthly. Once live, regularly check if the campaign is pacing well and, if it is, either […]

Many clients run campaigns promoting apps with the campaign KPI as either installs of the app or signups, purchases or some other action within the app. Mobile Measurement Partners (MMP) such as Adjust and can pass additional information through to the MMP using macros. Your Account manager can advise on setting up an app campaign. […]