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Dianomi video units follow industry standards but reporting may be slightly different to other platforms. Video Performance The following information is shown in “Video Performance” in Analytics Page Impressions The number of pages that loaded where the Dianomi video unit was present (but the Video unit did not necessarily start). Video Start Impressions The number […]

Over the last few years fraudulent advertisements on social media and open exchange programmatic platforms have become increasingly common.  Here are some tips on what to do, what not to do and what to look for. 10 ways to avoid being scammed A bank will not ask for funds to be urgently transferred, so always […]

A Chumbox is a form of digital advertising that uses a grid of low quality clickbait links to send users to low quality content, other clickbait and Made For Advertising (MFA) websites. Chumbox is derived from “chumming” – the use of fish or meat to attract fish whilst fishing.   Example Chumbox ads – Wikimedia […]

Native advertising matches the look, feel and behaviour of the digital medium in which it appears. It should always be marked as advertising but even then it is less obtrusive than traditional display advertising and less jarring to the user.   What Types of Native Advertising are there? Native Our native ads consist of an […]

Made For Advertising (MFA) websites are set up solely to show as many advertisements as possible – they are poison for your campaign, reputation and the environment. They are a form of ad fraud.   MFAs are described by the US-based Association of National Advertisers (ANA) “MFA sites typically use sensational headlines, clickbait, and provocative […]

Dianomi campaigns can be integrated with Integral Ad Science (IAS) in certain environments Native, Video and Podcast campaigns can integrate monitoring from IAS. To use IAS on your campaign please speak to your Account Manager. More Use DoubleVerify with Dianomi campaigns Keywords – blocking campaigns from appearing next to keywords  

Dianomi only runs ads relating to crypto currencies and crypto currency trading from companies regulated by the financial regulator in a major jurisdiction. ICOs We do not run ads for ICOs – Initial Coin Offerings. More Approval of all campaigns and types of ads that will be rejected

Device bidding allows you to increase / decrease the bid for specific devices – desktop, tablet and mobile. applies to Native, Video and Podcast ads ONLY. It does not apply to Display, Canvas, Content Hub or Native Verified. Device bidding is not enabled by default, it can be requested from your account manager and enabled […]

State / county The state / county macro will insert the state / county name in your ad text. The state / county name will be the same as it appears in geo targeting. EgWhen targeting United States / New York the state name will be “New York”When targeting United Kingdom / Greater London the […]

Access All major DSPs have direct access to our SSP (Magnite) where you can buy our open market and private market inventory. Because we represent premium financial & business sites all creatives will need to be approved by Dianomi before serving. Upload your creatives in the same way in your DSP but the campaign will […]