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IMPORTANT – Cookie restrictions – conversion pixel will under report conversions The conversion pixel may only work for a limited time or not at all on browsers that limit the use of cookies. These include all Safari, Firefox, a % of Chrome users and ALL browsers on Apple iOS devices. This issue is expected to […]

Once you have installed the dianomi conversion pixel you will need to test that it is working correctly. To do this, navigate to your conversion page within an open browser and follow the relevant instructions below to navigate to your Develop Tool’s Network Window. Chrome Navigate to More Tools > Developer Tools > Select ‘Network’ Tab […]

Dianomi supports third party tracking including click and impression tracking, alongside our own extensive analytics. Click tracking Most clients use a URL with UTM parameters (which can also include one of our macros). Most agencies supply us with click trackers from Google Campaign Manager 360 (formerly DCM) Secure URLs (https) must not redirect to a […]

All data within your Analytics tab is subject to a 2 hour reporting delay. If you require any live details please contact your Account Manager.

Dianomi has partnered with over 300 financial publishers globally, with this network continuously growing.  Speak to your Sales contact to find out more about our distribution network, and discuss which sites will work best for your individual requirements. For updates on new publishers, please refer to our latest News updates. Below are a few examples […]

dianomi is a financial ad network. Any content that is financial or business oriented, or provided by a financial services provider will be accepted. This includes both content and acquisition campaigns promoting a product, offer or driving subscriptions. All kinds of media can be promoted through dianomi, including articles, blogs, video, infographics, lead generation forms, […]

Native ads are charged on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis. Below are some recommended & minimum CPCs in major markets. Start your campaign at the recommended figure and then reduce the CPC if the campaign is on course rather than starting at the minimum CPC and finding you receive too few clicks. Agencies please […]

If you’re fulfilling your budget consistently, this is a great indication that there is both high demand for your campaign content, and also room to optimise towards value. A few of these optimisation options to consider are: Increase your budget. Adding more funds will give your campaigns more capacity for traffic, and by extent, more […]