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The Dianomi platform supports all languages and their respective characters. Dianomi ads are also featured on a variety of foreign publishers including Reuters Germany.

To start working with Dianomi please Contact Us so we can connect you with the relevant team. There are many reasons to work with Dianomi: More information for advertisers More information for publishers    

Conversion tracking is very useful for lead generation and ROI focused campaigns. It will help to fine tune your activity over time and help allocate budget where it works best. Many advertisers track user actions using our conversion pixel. Some advertisers track leads (e.g. downloads, form completions, email subscriptions etc.), whilst other advertisers track online […]

Before setting up an ad it is important to consider the objectives of your campaign. The optimisation strategies you utilise will be dependent on the outcomes you want to achieve. Some optimisation strategies you could work with your Account Manager on utilising are: A/B testing of different creative and messages Budget and CPC optimisation based […]