What is Score?

Dianomi gives each ad variant a Score.

The higher the Score, the more likely that ad is to be shown.

Score is a function of Cost Per Click (CPC) and Click Through Rate (CTR). Therefore, your ad will be shown more if the CPC is high and/or the CTR is high.

Niche ads that have a lower CTR will probably have to pay a higher CPC. Ads with wide appeal and a high CTR can pay a lower CPC.


Score gives you the ability to determine which variant between an A/B test is the best at driving clicks.

Automatic disabling of ad variants with lower Score

Once there is statistically significant difference (and only if), we turn off the poorest performing ad variant (ie one with the lowest Score) in a campaign. You can also switch off ad variants manually at any time in Ad Manager.

What is a good Score?

The Score also gives you an idea of how your ads are performing in the network, you should aim for a Score of 50+ as that will give your ad large exposure.

In order to improve your ad variants’ Score you can either test new creative to improve the CTR or you can increase the CPC, or a combination of both.

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