All ads should be tracked so you can see Dianomi’s users separately from other traffic sources in your Analytics. We want you to do this as we are confident in the quality of our users!

Whilst you can see stats within the Dianomi Self-Serve platform, we also recommend clients implement their own tracking through a 3rd party, for example Google Analytics. This will allow you to see how your campaign is performing within the context of your entire analytics platform, and will attribute the correct actions and conversions to the correct sources.

If you already run Google Analytics across your website, you can use the Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder

The Campaign URL Builder will guide you through the fields required to identify your campaign within GA, and then populate a tracking tag appended to your original landing page. Pass this onto your account manager or insert into your campaign, and you will see activity come through within your GA platform when your campaign is live. You should also set up Goals within Google Analytics if you want to track actions.

For example, this URL:

Market Commentaries

becomes this Campaign URL:

And will now pass this data into Google Analytics:

Source = dianomi
Medium = cpc
Campaign = acquisition
Content = native
Term = publisher name (our publisher name macro is shown – we will convert :pub_name to the actual publisher name to show where each click originated)