Native, video and podcast ads

Download the latest Ad specifications and standards (May 2021)

Uploading an image

You may upload any size image – Ad Manager will crop and resize your image automatically to suit the different shapes and sizes of our native ad units.

If you wish to have a greater control of how your image will appear, you can upload an image that is 400 pixels wide by 320 pixels high.

Please limit images to 400k.

Images must be text free: text can be hard to read on some units and may not appear correctly after cropping. You can preview expected cropping in the ad preview before sending your campaign live.

There are three choices when setting up a new ad:

Upload my own: upload a new image

Select stock image: use a stock image from our library

My image library: choose an image that you have previously uploaded

All images you upload are kept in “My image library” for use in future campaigns.

There is a maximum of five ad variants per campaign, you can run as many campaigns as you like.

Suggestions for images and ad text are in the Good practice guide.