What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising matches the look, feel and behaviour of the digital medium in which it appears. It should always be marked as advertising but even then it is less obtrusive than traditional display advertising and less jarring to the user.

Native advertising on Reuters


What Types of Native Advertising are there?


Our native ads consist of an image, line of text with advertiser brand name. Here is a working demonstration of a native ad: click to visit the advertiser’s page.




Native Video and Apple News Video ads are also styled to fit with the host medium:




Native Podcast ads are similar to video units but play a podcast instead of a short video:



Other types of native advertising

Other types of native ads include our Canvas, Native Verified and Content Hub ads.


How do you Recognise Native Advertising?

Native advertising should always be marked as paid advertising. Dianomi native units will often be marked with headlines such as “Paid Partner Content”, “Sponsored Financial Content” or “Sponsored Content”


What does the IAB say about Native Advertising?

“Native advertising has grown to become among the largest and fastest growing areas of digital advertising.”

“The distinction between native ads and standards ads is the ability of native to follow the natural design, location and ad behavior of the environment in which it was placed with content that provides a relevant consumer experience in the context of the page the ad lives on.”


Where is Native Advertising found?

Native advertising is now found on almost every digital publisher in the world. Dianomi’s native ads can be found on all of our partner publishers, examples of our native ads can be seen on these pages from CNN Business, Market Index, DividendMax and Dollars & Sense.



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