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General questions you might ask before becoming a client

Dianomi only runs ads relating to crypto currencies and crypto currency trading from companies regulated by the financial regulator in a major jurisdiction. ICOs We do not run ads for ICOs – Initial Coin Offerings. MoreRead about Approval of all campaigns and types of ads that will be rejected

Access All major DSPs have direct access to our SSP where you can buy our openmarket and private market inventory. Because we represent premium financial & business sites all creatives will need to be approved by Dianomi before serving. Upload your creatives in the same way in your DSP but the campaign will need to […]

Dianomi have Outstream Video units across a rapidly increasing list of publishers including Bloomberg, Reuters, Markets Insider, Forbes, Fortune, WSJ, The Washington Post, Stockhead, FNArena, Dollars & Sense and ZeroHedge. In-viewOur units only play when they are 50% in view vCPMThe video only counts as having started after playing for two seconds, an industry standard […]

Campaign Duration The minimum recommended campaign duration is 2 weeks. Budget Setup Set a total or monthly budget (better than daily budgets) with an end date and pace the campaign so it delivers evenly over the campaign dates or monthly. Once live, regularly check if the campaign is pacing well and, if it is, either […]

Many clients run campaigns promoting apps with the campaign KPI as either installs of the app or signups, purchases or some other action within the app. Mobile Measurement Partners (MMP) such as Adjust and can pass additional information through to the MMP using macros. Your Account manager can advise on setting up an app campaign. […]

Working demos of all products and associated creative specs Native – Native Verified – Video – Podcast – Canvas – Content Hub – Display Downloadable creative spec Download the latest creative spec: Dianomi_Ad Specifications & Standards – June 2023 Programmatic buyers If you are buying programmatically then see the DV360 and The Trade Desk creative specs.  

To start working with Dianomi please Contact Us so we can connect you with the relevant team. There are many reasons to work with Dianomi: More information for advertisers More information for publishers