Dianomi bidding for native is Cost per Click (CPC). However, it may be possible to optimise your campaign to achieve a specific Cost Per Lead (CPL) or Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). It is best to share this information and work with your Account Manager to help achieve these targets.

Below are some minimum and recommended CPCs in major markets. Start your campaign at the recommended figure and then reduce the CPC if the campaign is on course rather than starting at the minimum CPC and finding you receive too few clicks.

Agencies NB: our platform only accepts the net (not gross) CPC.

Recommended net CPCs by market

Country Currency Minimum Recommended net CPC Need volume quickly?
US & Canada USD 0.25 2 3
UK GBP 0.25 2 3
France / Germany EUR 0.25 2 3
Singapore SGD 0.40 1.90 2.50
Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand & SE Asia SGD 0.05 0.20  
Hong Kong EN HKD 1.90 19 29
Hong Kong CN HKD 0.50 1 2
Australia AUD 0.40 2.30 2.70
New Zealand AUD 0.05 0.10 0.20


Score, CTR and CPC

Content campaigns usually have a higher Click Through Rate (CTR) than acquisition ads so you may be able to set a lower CPC for these campaigns. Learn about Score and how CTR and CPC affect delivery.

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