Yes, if you have a high volume of articles that you want to promote then we can create ads automatically from an RSS feed.

The following parameters are set in advance and each ad is then created as a new campaign according to the settings:

Dates of the campaign

Default image: in case article does not have one, dianomi will use the featured image on each story if one is present and tagged with correct og tag

Budgets: total budget, daily budget for all ads and daily budget for each ad

Cost Per Click: choose a CPC.

Expiry days: how long the ad should stay live for, we would suggest a minimum of 5 days

Tracking code: we can append a tracking code to all URLS (eg for Google Analytics)

Device targeting: desktop, tablet and/or mobile

Geo targeting: countries (or states where available) to target

RSS feed: URL

Please contact your account manager if you are interested in setting up RSS driven ads.