If your campaign is not delivering or is pacing slowly, here is a checklist:

Campaign Duration

Is the campaign duration long enough? The recommended campaign duration is a minimum of 2 weeks.


Is a suitable budget in place and have you paced one budget only (eg if you are using a combination of Total, Monthly and Weekly budgets?

Or is your campaign being restricted by an Account-wide budget in MyDianomi > Account > Bookings Manager?

Publisher List

Most campaigns target all publishers, sometimes with a few sites excluded. You can exclude publishers in Publisher Bidding or by asking your Account Manager.

We recommend you specify all publishers and then use our conversion pixel and publisher name macro to measure which publishers are performing best. You can optimise by excluding publishers that are not performing.


Do you have enough creatives live? Include three to five ad variants per campaign so that we have enough data from which to optimise. For more information on creative best practices

Is the Cost Per Click (CPC) or CPM too low?

Check our recommended net CPC rates and our recommended CPM rates. We recommend starting your campaign at the recommended figure and then reducing the CPC if the campaign is on course rather than starting at the minimum CPC and finding you receive too few clicks.

Is the Click Through Rate (CTR) low?

If the CPC or CTR is low then your ad variants will have a low score and this may affect delivery of the campaign.


Setting up a successful first campaign