CPC rates

Make sure you are placing competitive bids for the type of content you are pushing. Check our recommended CPCs.

CTR is low

We recommend testing two or three variants of each ad – either different text or different images. By using several variations, you can test which text or image attracts a higher CTR.

When several variants are used in the same campaign, our algorithm will automatically switch off the lowest CTR variant if there is a statistically significant difference.

How could you improve CTR?

Here are some suggestions to improve the Click Through Rate of your ads:

1] Use a relevant image, not your logo: compelling images perform better than brand logos in almost all cases.

2] Empathise with the user: what is interesting to the user you are trying to attract, mention that instead of your brand.

3] Ask a question: ask a simple question that will provoke the right user. Eg Do you have enough to retire?

4] Timely: change your creative to relate to current issues such as Brexit, low-interest rates, volatility or other interesting situations.

5] People love lists: “Five shares you should buy now” or “Four things you should know” always work.

6] Don’t betray the click: always deliver on the landing page what you’ve promised in the ad.