If your campaign is Active but not receiving any clicks then:


Make sure your CPC is competitive. dianomi’s algorithm gives each ad variant a “Score” based mainly on a combination of  CPC (Cost Per Click) and CTR (Click Through Rate). If the CPC or CTR or both are high then the ad will be shown a lot more.

We recommend you start a campaign with a high CPC and then reduce over time if the Score is high, rather than starting with a very low CPC and not seeing any traffic.


If your CPC is high it might be that your ad has a low CTR.


Add more ad variants to your campaign. Keep it fresh!


Increase your CPC


Improve CTR

We recommend testing two or three variants of each ad – either different text or different images. By using several variations, you can test which text or image attracts a higher CTR. When several variants are used in the same campaign, our algorithm will automatically switch off the lowest performer if it sees a statistically significant difference,

How could you improve CTR?

Here are some suggestions to improve the Click Through Rate of your ads:

Relevant image

Use a relevant image, not your logo: compelling images perform better than brand logos in almost all cases.

What is most interesting to the target user?

Empathise with the user: what is interesting to the user you are trying to attract, mention that instead of your brand.

Ask a question

Ask a simple question that will provoke the right user. Eg Do you have enough to retire?


Change your creative to relate to current issues such as Brexit, low-interest rates, volatility or other interesting situations.


People love lists: Five shares you should buy now or Four things you should know always works.

Don’t betray the click

Always deliver on the landing page what you’ve promised in the ad.