Keywords can be blocked at an account level, the block will apply to all campaigns in the account. Your account manager can upload the keywords for you. Please note: Keywords must appear in the URL, title or article We block your ad if we see the specified keyword in the URL, title or body text […]

Dianomi have Outstream Video units across a rapidly increasing list of publishers including Bloomberg, Reuters, Markets Insider, Forbes, Fortune, WSJ, The Washington Post, Stockhead, FNArena, Dollars & Sense and ZeroHedge. In-viewOur units only play when they are 50% in view vCPMThe video only counts as having started after playing for two seconds, an industry standard […]

IMPORTANT – Cookie restrictions – conversion pixel will under report conversions The conversion pixel may only work for a limited time or not at all on browsers that limit the use of cookies. These include all Safari, Firefox, a % of Chrome users and ALL browsers on Apple iOS devices. This issue is expected to […]

Dianomi supports third party tracking including click and impression tracking, alongside our own extensive analytics. Click tracking Most clients use a URL with UTM parameters (which can also include one of our macros). Most agencies supply us with click trackers from Google Campaign Manager 360 (formerly DCM) Secure URLs (https) must not redirect to a […]