All major DSPs have direct access to our SSP (Magnite) where you can buy our open market and private market inventory.

Because we represent premium financial & business sites all creatives will need to be approved by Dianomi before serving. Upload your creatives in the same way in your DSP but the campaign will need to wait for 24 hours before going live for Dianomi to review them.

Dedicated Programmatic Specialist

We have dedicated Programmatic Specialists to help with your campaigns.


All inventory can only be bought on CPM.


We operate a first price auction. This means you get full transparency on what your settled CPM will be.


We highly recommend buying our inventory via a PMP so you can benefit from a preferred rate and potentially buying our inventory at a cheaper price than the open market.

We are happy to curate a list of sites or audience segments for your PMPs based on your needs to provide efficiency with your ad buying.


There is no minimum budget when launching a campaign on Dianomi’s inventory

Native creative spec

Whichever DSP you are using you will need to ensure that the relevant pieces of creative required by Dianomi are present:




Body Text or Long Body Text

Landing Page


Caption URL

Call To Action

Video creative spec

16:9 / VAST 3.0 / MP4 with no VPAID

DSP guides

DV360 creative spec [click to download]

The Trade desk creative spec [click to download]