Dianomi only works with premium publishers who have high expectations of us. 

Manual approval

All ad campaigns submitted to Dianomi are subject to manual approval by us. This process begins once you have confirmed “Save and send for approval”.

Normally, if your campaign is submitted for approval within UK, US or Australian working hours, your ads will be approved within one hour.

However, please allow up to one business day for your campaigns and content to be reviewed if necessary. Keep in mind this process can take longer over weekends and holiday periods.

Ads that will not be approved

Dianomi reserves the right to refuse to run or remove any ads running on our platform at our complete discretion.

ALL CAPS and exclamation marks!

We do not allow ALL CAPS ad text or exclamation marks!

Binary options

We do not run ads for binary options (and these are illegal in some jurisdictions including Australia)

Crypto currency

Dianomi only runs ads relating to crypto currencies and crypto currency trading from companies regulated by the financial regulator in a major jurisdiction.

Financial services

Ads that relate to financial services but advertiser is not regulated in the jurisdiction targeted and is required to be.  For example, any financial services advertiser targeting Australia will generally need an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) from ASIC and display the licence number on their landing page. Any financial services advertiser targeting Singapore will need to appear on the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)’s Financial Institutions Directory. Etc.

Certain investment types may take longer to approve and promises of high or guaranteed return or investment performance promises may be rejected.

Generally not permitted

We will not approve campaigns that are or relate to alcohol, defamatory, fraud, gambling, hate, illegal, inappropriate language, infringing on others IP rights, low quality, misleading, negative publicity, nudity, pornography, pyramid schemes, racism, sensational, tobacco or weapons.

Marijuana ads

Marijuana ads MUST be given the Product Type “Marijuana Investing” and will be blocked by many publishers. If the ad relates to a Marijuana ETF, then the Product Type must be “Marijuana ETF”. These ads are approved to go on most publishers. Ad creative must be of good quality trying to avoid images of the leaf only and no spammy or sensational text.

Play buttons

Ads with play buttons in their hero images must be blocked from Apple News publishers.