Two of the most important aspects of your campaign are the CPC (Cost Per Click) and Budget. If you aren’t familiar, a CPC is the amount each click to your content will cost.

Your budget is the amount of money you’re willing to spend each day, week, month or ongoing (total). When creating a campaign, you will be prompted to set these values prior to submission. Once your budget for each cap has been hit, your ad will stop running. Our system supports multiple layers to spread your budget, so you can add a combination of the above if preferred. You must select a minimum of one budget parameter.

For example, you can choose a Daily budget of $50, Weekly budget of $100, Monthly budget of $200 and Ongoing (total) budget of $500.

We recommend starting at a higher CPC and reducing this if the ad is attracting a good response, rather than starting with a very low CPC and then raising if there is little traffic.

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