In Self-serve choose ‘Manage‘. From you here you can view and edit your campaigns, update their status, copy or archive them.


For each of your campaigns you will be able to see the Status of the campaign (be it Saved, Live, or Inactive), the launch date, the Campaign Name, the CPC, the Targeting of the campaign, the Caps & Periods, Remaining budget, End Date and a list of Action buttons for each campaign.




If you click on the ‘View Creative’ action button a pop-up appears showing you previews of your ad in a range of formats. If you have different creative variants for the same campaign you can view them by clicking on the arrow either side of the pop-up. To close the pop-up click the green ‘Ok’ button at the bottom of the page.

If you click on ‘Edit Campaign’ action button you will be taken to the Campaign Details page.

If it is an ad campaign that is Saved you will have complete editing control of the page, just like when you first created the ad.

If the campaign has been launched and is active or inactive you will only be able to edit the End Date, Bidding and Budget and edit which of the creative variants are Active or Inactive. All other options will be faded out due to being uneditable. The reason for this is that if they were edited the statistics of the campaign would be compromised and would not represent the performance of the campaign’s creative variant.



If you click on the Copy Campaign button you duplicate the campaign. This allows you to edit the creative aspects of your campaign as well as keep other aspects of the campaign, but keep in mind that this is a new campaign so the copied campaign will be under a different budget and will have to be sent for approval.

Once you click on Copy Campaign a pop-up will ask you to confirm if you want to create a copy and you can click on the green ‘Ok’ button or ‘Cancel’ buttons at the bottom of the pop-up. If you click Ok a new campaign will appear at the top of your manage campaign list with the same name as previously except with ‘Copy of-‘ in front of the name. You will then be able to manage the ad include edit it and sending the ad for approval.


If you click on the Archive Campaign button you delete the campaign. When clicked a pop-up appears asking you if you are sure you want to archive the campaign. You can then click the green ‘Ok’ button or ‘Cancel’ buttons at the bottom of the pop-up.