Within your dianomi account, go to the ‘Manage’ section and you will see saved, live and deactivated campaigns. For each of these, you will be able to see a list of options including:

View creative

Preview your ad variants as they will appear on the publisher network

Edit campaign

Adjust your CPC, amend your end date or budget or add variants to your campaign

Send for Approval / Activate / Deactivate

Saved campaigns will prompt you to Send for Approval Active campaigns will prompt you to Dectivate Deactivated campaigns will prompt you to Activate

PLEASE NOTE: Saved campaigns are not sent for approval, you must “Save & send for approval” to launch a campaign

Copy Campaign

Allows you to to create a new campaign by copying an existing one, saving time when building a new ad with similar settings – for example, you can set up a campaign targeting desktop users and then Copy it to create an identical one but targeted to mobile users.

Archive Campaign

Will archive the campaign and hide it from view permanently. Please ask your Account manager if you need to see an archived campaign again.