Dianomi supports third party tracking including click and impression tracking, alongside our own extensive analytics.

Click tracking

Most clients use a link with UTM parameters (which can also include one of our macros).

Most agencies supply us with click trackers from Campaign Manager 360 (formerly DCM)

Secure URLs (https) must not redirect to a non secure (http) site.

Impression tracking

For approved clients we support impression tracking, you can track by creative or by campaign. Impression tracking URLs must be from reputable providers such as Campaign Manager 360.

Limits to impression tracking

Apple News blocks impression trackers so impressions cannot be tracked using third party trackers on Apple News (Dianomi stats will include Apple News impressions).

Newsletter publishers (including Liveintent and Reuters) will not show third party impression trackers. (Dianomi stats will include newsletter impressions).

If these limits cause issues, it is possible to request that a client will only appear where impression trackers can be used.

Please contact your Account Manager who will be able to assist with this implementation.