dianomi is a financial ad network. Any content that is financial or business oriented, or provided by a financial services provider will be accepted. This includes both content and acquisition campaigns promoting a product, offer or driving subscriptions.

All kinds of media can be promoted through dianomi, including articles, blogs, video, infographics, lead generation forms, surveys, mailing lists etc.

There are guidelines in place around what type of content cannot be advertised, and this differs depending on the country you are advertising within. For specific guidelines, please contact your dedicated Account Manager for the most accurate information.

We will not approve ads that promote fraudulent investment opportunities or are libelous, defamatory, provide returns or investment performance promises, are illegal, misleading or expose advertiser to negative publicity, encourage the use of alcohol, tobacco, guns, illegal substances or contain nudity, pornography, adult-oriented content, inappropriate language, racism, hate, gambling or pyramid schemes. Ads must comply with local regulations in whatever country they are shown.

Ads using all caps, exclamation marks and other symbols might also be rejected, if you require these for any reason please contact your account manager.

dianomi reserves the right to remove any ads running in our platform at any time.